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Gena Shoulder Bag Pattern

Sewing Pattern Only • PDF File for Download • Not a Physical Product



This pattern includes a Paper Saver Pieces PDF along with its own video tutorial on how to cut the pattern pieces (so you don’t have to print the whole thing).

The Gena Shoulder Bag is many bags in one! Featuring a larger outer bag and a removable inner bag, you can make any combination to fit your style. Snaps secure the inner bag in place, forming a divider for the outer bag. When you just want to carry the inner bag, the snaps can be tucked to form a curvy shape. Make it with one strap or two!

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Design Details
  • 1 1/2 yards main exterior material (mix & match): vinyl, leather, cork, home décor, canvas, or similar
  • 1 3/4 yards lining fabric: cotton, home décor, canvas, waterproof canvas, or similar
  • Additional material for a strap
  • 1 yard woven interfacing
  • 3/4 yard medium fusible stabilizer (Bouncyfirm 160, 525 Decovil Light or similar)
  • 1/4 yard firm stabilizer (does not need to be fusible)
  • One 18- to 20-inch #5 zipper
  • Two 10-inch #5 zippers
  • Four sets of 18mm magnetic snaps (or other type of snap)
  • Four 1-inch oval or rectangle rings
  • 12 rivets, with a post length of 9-11mm
  • Purse feet optional
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, double-sided tape, fabric glue, needle and thread for hand sewing
  • This bag goes together VERY differently from other bag patterns. The outer bag technique is neither a drop-in or birthed lining method.
  • Custom and completely unique 3D strap connectors
  • Three options for constructing the inner bag, including a zipper overlay and self-closing slip pocket
  • My “cocoon” method for tidy zipper ends without tabs
  • This pattern relies on precision; you should be able to measure and cut with accuracy.

This is a PDF FILE for download only. You will not receive a finished product.

As this is a PDF file and downloadable immediately upon purchase, there are no refunds.

You will need a PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader or Preview to open the file. The pattern pieces must be printed at 100%, so will need to be printed from a computer or a mobile app that allows you to select 100% scaling.

Reviews (2)
Highly Recommend!
“I love this bag! I made one right before my recent vacation – 3 hours later, I had the perfect bag for comfortably wandering around a city. The instructions are clear, especially as there is a “”non-standard”” order for assembling the bag, with the double pouches. Highly recommend!”
Great Carry-On!
Such a unique construction, and the final product is so classy. I used this as a carry-on recently, and it all fit easily.
Amazing Pattern
I can’t recommend it enough! This pattern is amazing, not only did it use techniques you hardly ever see but the bag itself is big and roomy it’s become my go to bag for baseball games. I can get my water bottle, tablet, sunglasses, blanket ear buds, wallet, and my keys inside of it. It has these amazing straps with clips that I can use to keep it closed.
Such a fun sew!
After sewing the Briamar Pouch, I immediately went and bought all of Bumbleroot Designs patterns. The writing style is clear and concise, however my favorite thing is the unique way these patterns are designed. I would have never dreamed up the unique techniques featured in this pattern!
The perfect straps
For a free pattern this is so useful for any bag you make and so many variations
The Cocoon Method
A real game changer in adding a zip with no tabs!
I purchased this bundle during a sale and it was worth every penny. I’ve made the double and the triple so far. It’s so nice not to have to birth a wallet or use binding. Great method for sewing this up.
The Gena
I love this design. Learned new techniques. I love how you mix and match the pouch and exterior and have a new purse every day.
Two bags in one!
The removable centre pouch is such a great idea! I love that I can mix and match for a completely new look (I made 2 different centre pouches!) or leave the pouch out when I need a little extra room. The designer has also included some fab new techniques, the classy strap connectors, the perfect fit lining, and how to sew a hidden slip pocket. You always learn something new with a Bumbleroot pattern. I know I do!
Perfect sized tote
I love the Big Rock tote, such a great size for me, with the added bonus of opening up bigger if I need it. It makes a great overnight bag too! The design is so cool, and just shows you don’t need loads of hardware to add bling, just a great design.
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