Ready for a Minimalist Phone Crossbody?

Check out my latest pattern, the Twoby Phone Bag! [renamed in Feb 2023]

Featuring two separate compartments: one for your phone, and one for keys, hand sanitizer, etc. Plus a snug pocket for a few cards and cash. All in an ultra slim package!

You can make this out of leather, cork, vinyl, or fabric, or mix & match! I include directions for keeping raw edges or turning them in for thinner leathers and vinyl. Every version comes out super thin with nice, tidy corners and flat edges!

You can use my separate strap guide to make any kind of strap to go with it. Video tutorial included, too!

I want to thank my awesome team of testers (you know who you are!). I hope to see more and more Twoby Phone Bags in the coming days and weeks. They’re so quick and fun to make! If you’re on Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #twobyphonebag.

I hope you are all hanging in there and staying healthy!

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