Introducing: Clary and Clarita Wallets


Hi everyone! How are you holding up? It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year of this pandemic life. Last year at this time, I was scared and anxious about going out even for basic necessities. Everyone was making masks or looking for mask donations. We were stuck in our homes and the news was bleak.

I hope we’re turning the corner now and will find a “new normal” soon. I know I’m ready! The slower pace of life has helped me devote more time to pattern design. I’d like to introduce you to my latest creation!

Meet Clary and Clarita

After using my Toby Essentials Sling to carry the basics over the past few months, I knew I wanted to reshape it as a full wallet. Clary is designed with flexibility in mind. Need fewer pockets with a minimalist look? Try the Clary Single. Want to carry everything? The Clary Triple is for you.
Then I wondered how a single-card-width version would look, and along came Clarita. This compact wallet holds a lot! You can even make a cute card holder from the double or triple Clarita patterns.
Both styles come in single-, double-, and triple-pouch versions. The variations can each stand alone, so I wrote them up as six individual patterns. I put them together into discounted bundles, too. The MEGA BUNDLE includes all six patterns. If you’re not quite ready to commit to them all, you can start with one of the others. You’ll then see a discounted price for the mega bundle, to upgrade any time!

Step-by-step video tutorials are included with each pattern.

Crazy for Corners!

I just love this method for sharp corners. It works with vinyl/faux leather, cork, and even thin leather. The edges are folded so you don’t see the undersides.
If you prefer, you can leave the edges raw and edge coat them
later. Directions are included for fabric, too!
You can mix and match, add bling, or stitch accents on like this upholstery trim.

No turning/birthing!

Who likes birthing wallets? Not me! The construction of this wallet is similar to my Toby Essentials Sling. It’s unlike other bags, and super easy to do!
It’s just one of the methods I’ve designed to make elegant bagmaking easier.

For the Makers: Too Many Options?

My Clary wallet is so versatile and customizable, but I know having too many options can be overwhelming. This is why I created separate patterns for the Single, Double, and Triple versions. Did you know I also created a one-page PDF showing what you can do with Clary? It’s posted in my Facebook group, Sewing Bumbleroot Design Patterns. Join us there if you haven’t already!

The Naming of a Pattern

My patterns come from the heart, so it makes sense that I name them after family. Clary and Clarita are named after my mother, grandmother, and grandmother-in-law.
“Ita” is Spanish for grandmother, and what I called my Ita Clary. It’s also is used as a diminutive suffix in Spanish. The mini-Clary became Clarita. It was meant to be!