Introducing: the Bellaclip Backpack


After more than two years, my Bellaclip Backpack pattern is finally ready to share with the world. It includes so many new techniques and unique features! I put together a video showcasing some of them. Take a look!

Crazy for Cocooning!

Leelana was the first pattern to introduce my Cocoon Method for zipper ends. Briamar uses it, and so does Bellaclip. While Leelana does not have a video tutorial (yet), both Briamar and Bellaclip do. You can learn this technique from those patterns. Who knows? You might want to use it on every bag!

The Evolution of a Pattern

Long ago, in October 2018, I started making a rendition of what would later become the Bellaclip Backpack. This was far before I even had an inkling that I would someday be writing patterns (my first pattern, Leelana, was published in May 2019).

The first few rounds of Bellaclip were rough around the edges, but I kept working at it. I also spent months using one as my daily bag, and knew what could be improved.

After the success of Leelana, I decided to write down the instructions for Bellaclip. By the end of May 2019, I was almost ready to release the pattern… and then I got a call that changed my world. We were moving from Massachusetts to New Jersey, ASAP!

Bellaclip went on the back burner.

And I’m so thankful for that, because more time and thought helped my ideas evolve.

During my time perfecting the features, I came up with (and published) my Briamar pattern. If you want to go for the pocket overlay on Bellaclip but aren’t quite ready, try Briamar first! It’ll help you dip your toe in.

Check out the photo of my first-ever version of Bellaclip, and the current version. The looks are similar, but the details are worlds apart.

As always, THANK YOU for supporting me and my love of bagmaking!