My Pattern Design Process: Part 3


This is part 3 of my series of posts that go through my thought process when designing a new pattern. Building on my Techniques I love all the unique techniques I’ve come up with in my pattern designs. My cocoon method for tabless zippers came about because I was designing a small bag. When you […]

My Pattern Design Process: Part 2


This is part 2 of my series of posts that go through my thought process when designing a new pattern. From an Idea to a Pattern I strive to come up with something 100% new with each of my patterns. Either a completely new look, or a technique that I haven’t seen done before. My […]

My Pattern Design Process: Part 1

Gena Shoulder Bag

Hi everyone! My site re-launch has prompted lots of interest in my patterns! I’m happy to see so many new members in my Facebook group and can’t wait to see what everyone starts making. There are SO many bags and patterns out there, and many of them look alike. I thought I’d start a series […]

Introducing: the Big Rock Tote Bag

Big Rock

Hi everyone! My latest pattern is one that is near and dear to my heart. I hope you take a minute to read what it’s about. I’ve wanted to create a large bag that doesn’t need hardware or zippers, but offers an interesting look. My very first prototype was a winner! The Big Rock Tote […]

Briamar V2 Pattern Update

Briamar V2

I love the proportions of my original Briamar Bag pattern, except that a large smartphone does not fit in the front pocket. I had envisioned that pocket for keys or other smaller items, but have had many requests to enlarge it to fit a phone. What’s Different? The overall dimensions remain the same. The proportion […]

New Gena Bag Add-On Guide


I’ve added instructions for two alternative pocket options for the inner bag: a zipper overlay pocket, and a self-closing slip pocket. The Add-on PDF includes the instructions, diagrams, and new pattern pieces for the alternate pocket types. The Add-on PDF also includes links to the video tutorials for the two new pocket styles. You can […]

Introducing: the Gena Shoulder Bag

Gena Shoulder Bag in Leather and Fabric

Hi everyone! I am excited to finally share my latest pattern, which has been in the works since the spring! It took me a while to get everything just right. I always strive to develop new techniques, and for my Gena bag, it’s the 3D strap connectors! The exposed seams in the front and back […]

Introducing: Clary and Clarita Wallets


Hi everyone! How are you holding up? It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year of this pandemic life. Last year at this time, I was scared and anxious about going out even for basic necessities. Everyone was making masks or looking for mask donations. We were stuck in our homes and the […]

Introducing: the Bellaclip Backpack


After more than two years, my Bellaclip Backpack pattern is finally ready to share with the world. It includes so many new techniques and unique features! I put together a video showcasing some of them. Take a look! Crazy for Cocooning! Leelana was the first pattern to introduce my Cocoon Method for zipper ends. Briamar […]

Introducing: the Twoby Phone Bag [2020]

Ready for a Minimalist Phone Crossbody? Check out my latest pattern, the Twoby Phone Bag! [renamed in Feb 2023] Featuring two separate compartments: one for your phone, and one for keys, hand sanitizer, etc. Plus a snug pocket for a few cards and cash. All in an ultra slim package! You can make this out […]