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This item cannot be purchased separately. To add a pocket to a ready-to-ship apron, choose the Add Pocket/Yes option before adding to cart.
Add a pocket to a ready-to-ship apron. The large, lined pocket measures approximately 16″x8″ and features three compartments: two 4″ compartments and one 8″ compartment.

The pocket can be the same fabric as the apron or a coordinating fabric. Depending on fabric availability, the pocket may be lined in muslin. I have many fabric remnants; contact me if you’d like to see other fabric options for the pocket to add some contrast to your apron!

Note that for muslin-lined and reversible aprons, the pocket stitching will be visible on the reverse side. I will do my best to match the thread to the color of the fabric. If you want a pocket without visible stitching on the reverse side, see my semi-custom apron listing.

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