Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing details
For the aprons, one size fits most. The two dress form sizes I use in the photos are 36-28-39 and 40-32-44. Refer to the last photo of each listing for approximate dimensions.


Care instructions
For the aprons, I prewash all the fabric in warm water and machine dry on low or medium heat. I also wash and dry the completed apron before shipping. No ironing should be needed, but the apron can be ironed on the cotton setting with or without steam. All my fabrics are either 100% cotton or a cotton/linen blend.

Pillows covers are spot-clean only. The pillow inserts I sell are machine-washable (the attached tag has detailed instructions).


Pillow covers
My pillow covers are sold either with or without a pillow insert. I indicate the size insert I use for my photos within each listing.


Custom and personalized orders
I offer options for semi-custom aprons, with choices from my available fabrics.


Why vintage sewing machines?
I sew exclusively on vintage sewing machines. I love everything about them — the simplicity, the sound of sewing, the ease of maintenance. In fact, I recently sold my brand new sewing machine because I hadn’t used it since getting my first vintage machine a few months ago.


What do you mean by upcycled fabrics and zero waste?
I love to find great fabrics in local thrift and consignment shops! Walking through the curtain and tablecloth aisles often results in a basketful of future aprons. It feels great to use discarded fabrics to make new treasures.

I aim for as little fabric waste as possible. I undo all existing stitching so that I can use the fabric from raw edge to raw edge. You might see some existing stitch holes in the thicker upcycled fabrics, but I think it’s worth the small imperfection. Otherwise, I would have to cut off a double-folded three-inch seam — that’s six inches of fabric that would otherwise be wasted!

I use any long, thin scraps for tying my bundles up for shipping. The rest of my apron scraps go into my “pillow fabric” drawer!